Damien Sherman

Damien Sherman

Damien Sherman

Masters of Applied Finance

Senior Product Manager, Vanguard

I studied an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance, in 1992 and then completed a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance from the Securities Institute of Australia in 2001.

I currently work as a senior product manager for Vanguard in Melbourne. Prior to this, I was a product manager developing solutions in various industries including web based scientific research products, identity management.

I decided to enrol in the Master of Applied Finance I because was looking to improve my appreciation of finance and develop a more thorough understanding of the industry that I work in.

The  course is an in depth examination of the latest applied finance academic research and teaching. It is a broad course which covers most areas of finance and investments. I liked the structure in terms of half yearly subjects with regular contact hours, the course work was relevant to my current career aspirations.

My postgraduate studies are giving me the confidence to know that I am highly employable and can provide value in many respects within the Australian financial services market. I've learned how to approach complex financial issues and arrive at a balanced and well considered solution, and to better understand the environment within which these products operate and have enabled me to use more and more complex tools to provide simple-to-understand, low cost investment products.