Flexible ways of learning

Monash Business School offers flexible approach to learning across our graduate programs.

In many of our courses you can study full time or part time, and, if you need to adjust your goals you can. For example, you might start a master's course, but choose to exit early with a Graduate Diploma in Business. Or you can start with the graduate diploma and decide to continue onto a master's program.

On and off campus learning options

Many of our coursework programs are available both on and off campus, with some delivered in a 'blended mode' that involves a mix of on campus and off-campus or online learning.

The following courses are available in off-campus mode:

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Single unit study

Enrolment in single units can be taken outside of a degree program where places are available. You may choose to enrol in a single unit out of interest for a subject, or to broaden or build on your current skills and knowledge. Credit for the unit may be granted towards subsequent enrolment in a graduate program.