Our researchers are regularly invited to present their findings at conferences. In addition, many projects lead to publications in academic journals. Below you will find a sample of the most recent outcomes of projects undertaken in the Behavioural Lab.

Conference paper presentations

Rotaru K, Scnulz A, Nuttasophon P (2014) Creating Risk Awareness through Goal Framing and Performance Measurement: The Effect on Managerial Risk Taking, Annual American Accounting Association (AAA) Meeting, 2-6 August, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Rotaru, K, Schulz, A, & Nuttasophon, P (2013) Signaling Risk in Performance Measurement Systems: The Effect on Risky Decision-Making, New Zealand Management Accounting Conference (NZMAC 2013), 4-5 November, Queenstown, New Zealand. (Best Paper Award)

Nuttasophon, P, Rotaru, K, Schulz, A (2013) Risk Framing in Performance Measurement Systems: The effect on Risky Decision-Making, Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2013), 18-22 June, Jeju Island, Korea.

Sewell, J, Schulz, A, Rotaru, K (2013) Bonuses and Negative Reciprocity: A Multi-Period Experiment, Accounting & Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference (AFAANZ 2013), 7-9 July, Perth, Australia.

European Marketing Academy, Leuven, May 2015

  • How the layout of a price label influences unit price visual attention and choice during grocery shopping (Bogomolova, Oppewal, Cohen, Yao)
  • The Effects of Positive Emotions on Consumers' Evaluations of Product Attributes (Liao, Oppewal, Thomas)
  • How Emotions Affect Unplanned Buying Behaviour: The Role of Valence and Arousal (Abedniya , Oppewal, Spassova)

Australian and New Zealand Marketing Conference, Brisbane, Dec 2014
Evidence for adaptive information processing (Meissner, Huber, Oppewal)

European Marketing Academy , Valencia , May 2014.
Investigating the effects of expectations on disappointment, regret, and post-consumption behaviors (Hossain, Oppewal, Tojib)

3th International Choice Modelling conference, Sydney, July 2013

  • Consumers' visual attention during shopping: effects of consumer goals and assortment variation (Oppewal and Cohen)
  • Using eye tracking to explore choice behaviour in a Best-Best DCE (Lancsar and Ghijben)

Assocation for Consumer Research 2013 (Advances in Consumer Research Vol. 41, p. 532)
Consumer Responses to Simultaneous Changes in Price and Quantity: Do Direction and Magnitude Matter? (Yao, Oppewal, He)

Australian and New Zealand Marketing Conference, Perth, Dec 2012
Consumers' visual attention during shopping: effects of consumer goals and assortment variation (Oppewal and Cohen)

Journal publications

Psychology and Marketing 2014 (Vol 31, pp. 203-213), Exploring attitudes and affiliation intentions toward consumers who engage in socially shared superstitious behaviors: A study of students in the east and the west (Wang, D., Oppewal, H. Thomas, D.)