The Monash Business Behavioural Laboratory (MBBL) offers the tools and space to assist researchers in conducting a variety of research projects and types. Find out more about research methods.

Our researchers are undertaking several projects using the MBBL. Below you will find examples of current and previous research projects using our Lab.

Current research projects

Consumer-friendly medical reports

This project assesses whether tailoring information in a medical test report - based on a health consumer's learning style and attitude towards treatment - will improve their understanding of the medical condition and treatment requirements, and so better meet consumer needs.

Lead researcher: Dr Stephen Smith, Department of Accounting

Previous research projects

Leadership and team simulation: Everest

In this management simulation, you play with five team mates, each of whom have unique goals, as well as the common goal of scaling Mount Everest. This is a game-based approach to teaching teamwork skills.

Department of Management

Attitudes towards gambling advertisements: an eye-tracking and opinions study

The aim of this study is to understand how individuals describe the framing (content) of gambling advertisements. At present there have been no studies conducted on how individuals interpret gambling advertisements. It is hoped that this study will help us to better understand how individuals interpret how gambling is marketed to the community.

Department of Marketing