About us

The Monash Business Behavioural Laboratory (MBBL) is spearheading the development of judgment and decision-making research by the our academic staff and research students. It also serves as an innovative facility for consumer and practitioner research.

Designed as a multi-disciplinary research facility, the MBBL is attracting high-quality experimental behavioural research with important social and economic applications from the Department of Accounting, Department of EconomicsDepartment of Management, and Department of Marketing.

Our research facility is available for use by the private sector, not-for-profit, and public sector for commercial research purposes. We welcome commercial research proposals and partnerships.

Multidisciplinary research facility

As a multi-disciplinary research facility, we have successfully enhanced the S research capability, increased student awareness and exposure to research in the behavioural disciplines, grown the school's PhD program, and consolidated the university's reputation as a regional leader in this field.

Research projects to date have included:

  • consumer emotions
  • online shopping behaviour
  • brand and pricing effects
  • group decision making 
  • leadership and negotiation behaviour

Technical capability and design

Located at Caulfield campus, Monash Business School's MBBL comprises two discreet research areas. Each of these can accommodate up to 30 participants in facilitated individual and group judgment and decision-making. Both areas are designed to accommodate flexible seating plans and desktop configurations. One research area is further equipped with eight dedicated self-contained, sound-proofed cubicles.

Six Tobii TX300 Eye Trackers are available to conduct advanced on-screen research through the tracking of eye movements. Up to 28 workstations with internet connected HP Elitebook laptops can be accommodated and a suite of online survey packages such as iThink, MediaLab and Direct RT are available. Researcher can access an observation room with sophisticated video and audio surveillance technology.

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