The School

When it comes to solving the world's most challenging problems, ground-breaking ideas are just the start.

Crucially, it's in our ability to apply these ideas that the battle to conquer problems is won or lost. We make a determined calculation to be at the limits of new thinking and knowledge creation. Importantly, Monash Business School also has the global reach, expertise, relationships and sources of capital to transform ground-breaking ideas into positive change.

We also recognise that smaller problems matter as well. They also require careful and strategic consideration if we are to continue to transform business – to meet objectives and to do so in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Committed agents of change, we do our utmost to impart this vision, to effect positive change in the world, to our graduates, alumni and collaborators.

Green stepsAgents of change
Our Monash Green Steps initiative inspires future business leaders to think and behave in sustainable ways. Created in the year 2000, it was the brainchild of Monash Business School students keen to equip their peers to make sustainable changes in their organisations.
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LeadershipLeaders with conscience
We are a  member of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative Accreditation, a worldwide partnership of companies and business schools working together to develop the next generation of responsible leaders.
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Ethical managementPromoting ethical management
We take a holistic approach to business education, guided by professional and ethical frameworks, and are signatories to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative.
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