The School

In Monash Business School, being enterprising means predicting and preparing for the future. We believe it is our responsibility to find new ways of doing things on a global scale.

Our graduates, alumni and academics are highly regarded and sought-after by business communities throughout the world.

We are entrepreneurial in our engagement with industry, organisations and professional networks to keep our work focused on innovation and impact that matters.

At Monash Business School, we create and share knowledge, and we listen too. Being enterprising is a dialogue, it's about human beings working creatively together to make the world a better place.

Innovation through education
Innovative use of technology is transforming learning across the Business School. Our simulated stock trading room STARLab encourages active learning and analytical reasoning.
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Data Science

Investing in the future
Monash Business school is at the forefront of business developments, advancing our capacity in econometrics and data analytics and exploring ways in which data can be harnessed to improve business outcomes. 
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A new frontier of research
Our work in experimental economics is changing the face of economic theory globally. We are delivering ground-breaking research across the fields of development and behavioural economics.
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