Our research

Research topics under the sustainability and development theme range from developing economies through to workforce management. The main research centres that contribute research under this theme are the Centre for Development Economics and Sustainability and the Centre for Health Economics. Researchers from across our seven departments also conduct research under this theme.

Our main contributing research capabilities in sustainability and development include, but are not limited to:

  • developing economies
  • water management
  • sustainability and environment
  • workforce/management development
  • finance and development.

Some examples of research under this theme are:

Will poverty survive the age of big data?
Dr Simon Angus recently explored big data’s potential to end the knowledge scarcity that poverty thrives on in a TED-style talk for the Monash Studio Series. Watch Dr Angus’ talk here.
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Gender inequality in Indonesia's labour force

Gender inequality in Indonesia's labour market
Women's labour market participation is low in Indonesia by international standards. In addition, women are paid considerably less than men, even when differences in education levels are taken into consideration, new Monash Business School research shows.
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Educational outcomes in Bangladesh

How can we improve educational outcomes in Bangladesh?
Can simple parental interventions improve test scores and opportunities for children in Bangladesh? Our research says yes. Monash Business School researcher Associate Professor Asadul Islam discusses his latest project in rural Bangladesh.
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