Undergraduate Programs

We recognise that the business world is a diverse, ever-evolving place, filled with new opportunities and better ways of doing things. That's why we're embracing new technologies and methodologies – to ensure your learning experience reflects what is happening in industry today.

In our undergraduate programs we offer:

Flipped classrooms

These classes encourage active learning by 'flipping' the traditional lecture/tutorial mode on its head. In our flipped classrooms, you are given a range of online resources and readings to help understand theory before you arrive in class. You will then use your class time to work in groups and learn how to apply this theory to business problems.

Capstone units

A capstone unit is a third-year unit that gives you the opportunity to use the knowledge acquired throughout the study of your major. You will work with students from other disciplines to apply your skills in a practical setting. Capstone units often include research projects or industry internships.

Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

PBL is a methodology designed to teach business skills in a practical way by developing your critical thinking and collaborative skills. Offered in our business course at the Peninsula campus, PBL treats each topic as a business problem that you have to solve.

In PBL you'll also work with actual clients and businesses and be exposed to practices in the real world, beyond the theory found in your textbooks.

Off-campus learning

Off-campus learning offers a range of study modes, including online, blended, some on-campus units and workplace learning. The modes offered will depend on your chosen course.

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World-class facilities

Monash Business School's contemporary approach to education means you have access to some of the best facilities across the university, to help you put your learning into practice and develop strong workplace skills. These facilities include:

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