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What is Management?

Management is an important business function, responsible for coordinating the efforts of an organisation's people and resources to achieve its goals.

There are many different functions of Management:

  • Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within a company that focuses on recruitment of people, their management, and providing direction for an organisation's employees, and the organisation itself.
  • General management is responsible for ensuring the organisation's competitiveness and managing and developing people.
  • Change management is about driving organisation change within a company. This could include improving performance or the restructuring and re-allocation of resources.

What kind of career can I have?

A manager's tasks are varied and can be driven by the type of industry they work in, but generally, they involve setting objectives, finding the right people to undertake the work, organising work and assigning that work to people, as well as motivating the team to keep them on track. Management roles also cover areas such as employment, industrial relations, workforce planning and strategy.

Career opportunities include:

Human resources adviser

Workplace relations consultant

General manager

Business development officer

Payroll officer

Training manager

Change manager

Project manager

Business analyst

Marketing manager

Sales and relationship manager

Data analyst

Operations manager

Business administrator


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