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Almost everything we do today has an international aspect. Our global climate means businesses of all sizes need to know how to operate in an international environment. Professionals require the skills to work across cultures and borders, from small companies utilising overseas suppliers to big brands operating in all four corners of the globe.

Governments who facilitate trade negotiations and investments need professionals to work on a global scale. Specialist firms such as law and accountancy also demand these skills as work with Australian companies operating internationally, or international companies establishing Australian operations, becomes commonplace.

What kind of career can I have?

There are a number of roles that require people with an understanding of business on a global scale. As international business is a broad field, the jobs that come with it are just as varied. Whether you're working for a multi-million dollar company or a small start-up, studying international business will give you the ability to work across different fields and in different countries.

Career opportunities include:

Data analyst

International marketing manager


Policy adviser

Trade manager

Supply chain manager

Finance manager

Logistics adviser

Business operations manager

Account manager

Business development manager

International sales manager

Contracts administrator

Advocacy officer

Business consultant

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