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The law is the backbone of every business operation. To succeed in modern business it is essential to understand legal risks, develop risk management strategies and comply with laws and regulations. The wrong business decision can attract significant legal consequences.

Business law influences commercial transactions and marketing processes, and it governs those engaged in companies, partnerships, sole traders and trusts. It is also at the frontier of developments in e-commerce as established rules are adapted to cover activities in the online world.

Business law deals with the business implications of national and state laws relating to areas such as contracts, trade practices, employment and consumer and creditor protection, as well as commercial, workplace, international relations and taxation law.

What kind of job can I get?

Business law and taxation graduates have also pursued roles as administrators for commercial law firms, trade practice compliance officers for large retail chains and business analysts within the banking sector. You can also find roles within the tax industry as a taxation specialist or tax accountant.

Career opportunities include:

Taxation analyst

Risk adviser

Compliance manager

Marketing adviser

Tax accountant

Investment banker


Payroll analyst

Trade practices specialist

Business manager

Forensic accountant

Human resources adviser

Risk and compliance officer

Policy administrator

Business consultant

What kind of career can I have?

Business law graduates work all over the world in professional practices, industry, politics, and for government regulators. The expertise gained by studying business law can be used in a variety of careers, and many students go on to become accountants, business and finance advisers, business consultants, compliance managers, human resources professionals or tax advisers.

Our graduates are working in companies including:




ANZ Banking Group


Macquarie Bank

Commonwealth Bank

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Australian Taxation Office

National Australia Bank


Reserve Bank of Australia

Grant Thornton



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