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Actuaries apply their skills in mathematics, statistics, finance, economics and business to address problems in a range of fields such as insurance, superannuation, business and financial services, scientific and social research, and engineering.

In actuarial science you'll learn how you can apply your mathematical talent to the commercial world. Actuaries identify, analyse and assess risk. They use mathematical and econometric models to forecast real-life scenarios, such as the likelihood of economic or property losses and their impacts on insurance premiums, superannuation or other financial investments.

What kind of job can I get?

Actuaries are well regarded across industries and are increasingly in demand. In fact, being an actuary was listed as one of the best jobs in the world.  A degree in actuarial science can lead to a range of career options:

Financial auditor

Actuarial analyst


Investment analyst

Superannuation adviser

Product development manager

Risk manager

Data analyst

Business analyst

Data scientist

Data and insights manager

Financial planner


Pricing analyst

General insurance actuary

What kind of career can I have?

Actuaries work across many fields of finance and business. People with actuarial qualifications are traditionally found in life insurance companies and consulting actuarial firms, offering a range of advice in various fields such as finance and superannuation, investment operations for asset managers, stockbrokers, banks, general insurance, health insurance and the broader fields of risk management.

Our graduates are working in companies including:


ANZ Banking Group





Transport Accident Commission


Macquarie Bank


Commonwealth Bank

Standard & Poor's

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  • I was always interested in studying something math-related and was originally considering a science degree. I was introduced to the field of actuarial science in Year 12, and it sounded like a really interesting combination of technical knowledge and applied skills, which really appealed to me. It's given me a broader understanding and helps me look at things from multiple perspectives.

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