What is the difference between Business and Commerce?

There are quite a few differences between the Bachelor of Business and the Bachelor of Commerce. 

If you study Commerce you'll focus on using your analytical skills to solve challenges across commercial environments. 

If you study Business you'll focus on business management and developing the skills you need to manage or run a business. 

Both courses offer industry placements, double degrees, a strong foundation in core business units and an excellent mix of majors to choose from, but there are different combinations of double degree options and majors offered in each. There are also differences in the ATAR and maths prerequisites for both courses.

Can I study a language as part of my course

You can include a language as your second major in many of our degrees (as a double with Arts) or you can complete a Diploma of Languages in addition to your degree. 

The Diploma can be taken at the same time as your degree. It usually adds an extra year to your time at university (sometimes less) and you can still go on the intensive in-country programs as part of your study.

What is the difference between a double major and a double degree

A double major 
A double major gives you the opportunity to study two completely different areas within the one degree. You can choose to study a double major in business and choose two business or commerce disciplines, such as accounting and marketing, or economics and actuarial studies. Or you can choose to study one business or commerce discipline and one discipline from another faculty within the university, such as accounting and a language or economics and politics.
A double degree 
A double degree allows you to study two separate degrees at the same time. It's structured so that you graduate with both degrees in a much shorter time than it would take to complete the two degrees individually, and you will have the same workload as a single degree course.

Do you offer scholarships

Monash University offers a range of scholarships and bursaries to reward academic success and allow students from different backgrounds to study at Monash.
Find out more on the Monash University scholarships website.

What is professional recognition and why do I need it

Professional recognition is the formal acknowledgement of your professional status and, in some cases, gives you the right to practice in the profession of your choice.
There are professional organisations for accounting, auditing, actuarial science, computing, finance, human resources, management, marketing and more. Course advisers can work with you to make sure that the units you take will qualify you for membership of the organisation representing your profession.

You can find details of professional organisations and the units required for selected registration or membership on our professional recognition page.

Will I be disadvantaged if I don't study Commerce subjects in Year 12

Not at all. 
We know that not all our students study a Commerce subject in high school. We teach our units with the expectation of no prior knowledge of the subject and there are no prerequisite Commerce subjects for our courses. 
Keep in mind that some courses do award subject bonuses for particular areas of study.

What are the contact hours

Contact hours depend on the degree you are enrolled in. Most degrees involve three to four contact hours per unit per week. You'll be expected to do around nine hours a week of independent study for each unit.

The Bachelor of Business at our Peninsula campus is based on the Problem Based Learning (PBL) style and involves six-and-a-half contact hours per subject each week, with additional hours of independent study. PBL students have four days of study on campus.

I didn't do the required maths subject, can I still do this course

Yes, you can. 
One way to do this, is to enrol in another course for which you do have the prerequisite maths subjects. Once you've completed the appropriate Monash maths unit in that course you can apply to transfer to your preferred course. You'll just need to keep in mind that your first year results will have a bearing on whether your transfer application is successful.

Can I defer

If you're a local student you can defer for a maximum of one year. You will need to let student services know that you intend to defer and we'll let you know how to do this when you receive your offer. In particular circumstances, you may be permitted to defer for longer than a year.

Can I transfer to another course

Yes, you may be able to transfer from one Monash course into another, provided that you:

  • have good results from your current course
  •  have the prerequisite maths for the course you wish to transfer to
  •  there are places available in the course you want to transfer to.


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