Research Degrees


The Monash Business School Advanced PhD and Research Fellowship Program is offered for full-time research at postgraduate level for study at one of Monash University’s Australian campuses.

Awardees must hold an Australian or New Zealand bachelor’s degree with first class honours or qualifications and/or research experience deemed equivalent by the University and meet the required English proficiency requirements.

Awardees must meet international student visa requirements as specified by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), including the requirement to purchase and maintain a standard Overseas Student Health Cover policy approved by the Commonwealth Government Department of Health and Ageing.

Awards will not be available to those who, as a result of prior studies would be entitled to a maximum tenure of less than 12 months.

Awardees must be undertaking study in a research area aligning to one of the

Monash Business School research themes, which are currently:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Sustainability and Development
  • Global Business

Awards will not be available to students who:

  • are in receipt of another equivalent award offering similar benefits;
  • are enrolled or are intending to enrol as a research student under Monash’s external mode regulations.
  • already completed a doctoral degree or equivalent;

Duration of award

The maximum duration of a full-time award is three years for doctoral studies.

The duration of an award will be reduced by any periods of study undertaken towards the degree prior to the commencement of the award or taken during the suspension of the award.

The duration of an award will be increased by any periods of approved paid maternity leave, additional sick leave, parental leave and leave for jury duty.

Extension provisions

A doctoral student making satisfactory progress may apply for a maximum extension of up to six months. An extension will only be approved where research has been delayed by circumstances beyond the student’s control and where such delays could not have been reasonably anticipated at the commencement of the degree. The grounds for an extension must be related to study and not of a personal nature.


The Advanced PhD provide an annual full-time stipend of $A30,000. Payments are made in fortnightly instalments into an Australian bank account in the

awardee’s name. Where an awardee is not enrolled over the full period of the year, the awardee will receive the proportion of the annual stipend for the period in which

study is undertaken for that year.

Under Australian Taxation Law full-time awards are presently considered to be non- taxable by the Australian Government. The University cannot give advice regarding taxation and it is the responsibility of individual awardees to seek their own taxation advice.

Scholarship holders are permitted to:

  • obtain funds for fieldwork, equipment or other expenses not covered by the award;
  • obtain funding for overseas travel from other Australian Government awards or another source;
  • receive income derived from part-time work (see Employment below).

Tuition Fees

The scholarship is provided to cover the tuition fees and the Student Services and Amenities fee set by Monash and payable by the awardee for each year of the course.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

International students are required to hold visa length Overseas Student Health

Cover (OSHC) while enrolled and conducting their research in Australia.

There are three types of OSHC cover:

  • Single policy covers the holder of a student visa only
  • Dual policy covers the holder of a student visa plus either one adult spouse or recognised de-facto partner or one or more dependent children
  • Multi-family covers the holder of a student visa plus more than one dependant which can only include one adult spouse or recognised de-facto partner and one or more dependent children.

Students accompanied by their spouse and dependants under the age of 18 must ensure that they are also covered by OSHC whilst in Australia.

The Faculty will arrange the payment of the standard OSHC through the Monash preferred provider, Worldcare for new commencing students

Student visa requirements

It is the responsibility of awardees to ensure that they hold a valid visa while in Australia.

Establishment/relocation allowance

Awardees who relocate their place of residence from overseas to take up their scholarship will be eligible for an establishment/relocation allowance of $5,000. The allowance will not be paid to awardees who relocated to Victoria prior to the offer of the award.

Leave provisions

The leave provisions for research students are outlined in the relevant Handbook.


Awardees are permitted to undertake part-time, paid employment throughout the year. Employment is restricted to no more than 15 hours of work on average in any one week. Up to a maximum of six hours only on average of this employment may be undertaken during normal working hours (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday). However, this may be extended to a maximum of eight hours if the employment is limited to one weekday.

International awardees need to be aware that the employment restrictions outlined above apply even though a student visa permits students to work more hours per week.

An awardee currently employed at Monash cannot be on a fractional appointment exceeding 0.4.


Awardees are required to reside within daily commuting distance to a Victorian campus to allow frequent and systematic use of the University’s facilities, including use of physical resources, formal research training and daily face-to-face contact with supervisors if required. An awardee may be permitted to pursue part of their research at institutions or locations outside their approved campus location as per the entitlements outlined in the relevant Handbook.


The award will be terminated on the day the thesis is submitted for examination or at the end of the award; whichever is earlier.

Awards will be terminated before this time:

  • if it is determined that the awardee has not fulfilled his/her obligations, has not meet the eligibility criteria or fails to maintain satisfactory progress;
  • if the awardee’s enrolment is terminated, the awardee is found guilty of
  • academic misconduct or of the awardee fails to maintain their enrolment;
  • if the awardee relinquishes the scholarship or withdraws from the course;
  • when the awardee ceases to be a full-time student engaged in full-time research and when approval has not been obtained to hold the award on a part-time basis;
  • if the awardee does not resume study at the end of a period of approved leave or does not make arrangements to extend the period of approved leave;
  • if the awardee converts to writing up away;
  • if the awardee ceases to be an on-campus student).

If a scholarship is terminated, it cannot be re-activated unless the termination occurred in error.

Transfer of scholarship

A scholarship awarded by the University is not transferable to another institution.


How do I know if this is right for me?

You will be a high quality (H1E, H1 equivalent) graduate from a top ranked university. You’ll have a record of exceptional academic achievement.  You’ll also be proficient in English to the Monash University required level. Your research area of interest would align to one of the Monash Business School research themes (see below).

In addition to this, you would have a general interest (and the support of loved ones) in being associated with the Monash University brand and adapting to life in Melbourne, Australia.

What are the Monash Business School research themes?

We have three broad themes that include Global Business, Sustainability, Health and Wellbeing that align with the University’s themes. Where possible all our activity, projects and outputs align to these themes.

Our desire is to continue to build strong capacity in each of these areas, to maximise the School’s ability to have a positive impact on a changing world through its research.

Your research proposal should align to at least one of these themes and be conceived to be completed within 3 years.

What are the elements of the Monash Doctoral Program?

A PhD in the Monash Business School includes a major thesis, coursework and training skills. It is expected that a PhD thesis generally will not exceed 80,000 words and be conceived to be completed within 3 years. PhD coursework is between 2 to 6 units, depending on the discipline.

The PhD coursework is to be successfully completed prior to the confirmation of your candidature milestone at 12 months from enrolment. There are a range of training skill options suited to your area of study.

How many months is the scholarship for?

This scholarship is offered for 36 months, in line with Monash Graduate Scholarship Conditions of Award.

How much is the scholarship worth?

The annual full-time stipend is currently valued at AUD $30,000 p.a. and is paid fortnightly into an Australian bank account (which you can set up once successfully enrolled at Monash). We are also offering a relocation allowance of up to $5,000 and health insurance at the current OHSC rate which is    a requirement for your visa. We also cover the annual international student fee for each year that you are enrolled.

Do I need a visa for Australia organised before I apply?

No, this can be done once you have a letter of offer.

Why is the application by invitation only?

This is in line with current Monash University processes for admission to the PhD and scholarships. You will first need to submit an Expression of Interest for Round 1 by 30 April or 31 July for Round 2, which will be reviewed for suitability and you may then be issued with an ‘Invitation to Apply’    to submit a formal application for candidature and scholarship before 31 May (Round 1) or 31 August (Round 2). You cannot apply without an Invitation to Apply. It may take up to four weeks to obtain an invitation so you should initiate this process as soon as possible.

If you also wish to be considered for other competitive, merit-based Monash scholarships simply indicate this on your Expression of Interest form. There is no need to fill out a separate Expression of Interest for this.

Click here to create an application for Research Degree and Scholarships.

Applications for Graduate Research Degrees and Scholarships will close on 31 May (Round 1), 31 August (Round 2).

What documentation do I need for my Expression of Interest?

You can refer to our Expression of Interest for a detailed listing

How long will it take before I know if I am successful?

Applicants applying in the scholarship Round 1, which closes on 31 May 2017, will be notified when results are released in mid-July.

Applicants applying in the scholarship Round 2, which closes on 31 August, will be notified when results are released in mid-October.

What is the process from my end once an offer is made?

  1. Accept the offer by the specified due date in the letter of offer
  2. Check the below link to obtain visa information, start this process as early as possible
  3. Plan for your travel and relocation in order to arrive and enrol before the date specified in your offer letter

Click here for more information and to view the Before You Leave Home Checklist and Destination Monash

Do you help me with Visa information?

No, this is very specific to your circumstances and best handled in-country. But click here for more information about Visa requirements.

Do you cover health insurance?

Yes, the appropriate level of health insurance will be paid on your behalf on the acceptance of your offer.

Is the health insurance for my whole family, and for the entire duration of my stay?

Yes, if required. Evidence of paid health cover for the entire expected duration of your stay is an up-front and compulsory requirement for your visa. We recognise that this can be a very significant cost on top of everything else to come here and so we will cover the cost at either a single, couple    or a family level. This is paid on your behalf, direct to the provider.

Click here for more information about health insurance.

What relocation assistance do you offer? How is this paid?

Successful applicants who relocate to Australia to take up their scholarship after the offer is made will be eligible for a relocation allowance of up to $5,000. In line with current University policy this is paid in arrears, on presentation of receipts, to a nominated Australian bank account after you have successfully enrolled at Monash. Please anticipate meeting  these costs yourself  and then being reimbursed as part of your planning. You may use these toward all reasonable expenses incurred as part of relocation and could include things like removalists, airfares, temporary accommodation, etc.

What about the Fellowship component?

You will need to have satisfactory progress throughout the PhD, achieving the requirements of the coursework component and meeting all PhD milestone requirements – PhD confirmation, progress review and final review –  along with any other requirements that will be stipulated by your supervisor once you commence your PhD. Visa requirements  for the fellowship will also need to be met.

Any further questions?

Please forward all further enquiries to