Graduate Programs

What are the entry requirements/selection criteria?

Selection criteria vary between courses. Course entry may require a bachelor degree or equivalent with a minimum weighted average mark (WAM) or relevant employment experience of a set period. For entry to Monash University, you must meet the minimum English language requirements.
For further information on entry requirements visit our course finder.

What you do mean by work experience requirements?

Work experience means you have acquired the relevant experience and skills in your professional career needed to understand the course content and complete the assessment. For example, for the Master of Marketing, you will need to demonstrate two years of marketing, sales, promotions, retailing, or advertising experience.

To adequately demonstrate your experience please ensure that you have outlined your job title, the company name and department, the duration of your tenure and the type (e.g. full time, part-time, casual) and a description of the tasks you were responsible for, including budget size and the number of people who reported to you.

Are scholarships available?

Monash University offers scholarships to help you pursue postgraduate study. Scholarships are available for coursework and research degrees.

Can I get credit for previous study?

Credit/exemptions may be considered for previous tertiary-level study in Australia or overseas. Applications for credits/exemptions must clearly indicate units for which advanced standing is requested and must be accompanied by a legally certified copy of your academic transcript and unit syllabus, usually from the course handbook. It is essential that units submitted for credit/exemption fit the philosophy and principles of this course of study. Units studied more than 10 years ago will not be considered for credit/exemption.

How many students are there in graduate classes?

All classes differ in size however tutorials usually have a maximum of 20 students.  We aim to keep our classes small to facilitate interaction and a high level of engagement between students.

Can I defer my offer?

The University allows you to defer your course for up to 12 months. In certain cases (e.g. financial difficulties, compulsory military service), you can apply to extend this to 24 months. There is no cost to defer and you will not be charged any fees while you are on deferment.

When deferring your offer, you are guaranteed your place but are choosing to delay starting your course. You must defer your offer by the enrolment date in your offer letter.

Can I take a leave of absence?

During the course of studies students can take a maximum of two semesters (12 months) as intermission.

How many units do I need to take?

Some master's degrees comprise 16 units.

Those which require you to have completed an undergraduate degree in a cognate disciple or substantial relevant work experience, are generally 12 units. 

Full-time students normally undertake four units per semester and part-time students normally undertake two units per semester. In some courses you are able to exit your master's degree early with a graduate certificate (four units) or a graduate diploma (eight units).

Is there an orientation?

Monash Business School's Orientation Program is an essential start to your postgraduate studies. The program is designed to provide you with an introduction to the University, the School, your Course Director and your fellow students. There are two half day course specific orientation sessions for full time students held the week before semester commences. There is also Orientation aimed at part-time students held one evening before the commencement of semester. Registration is essential through your portal and will open in late January.

Are there flexible learning options available?

Monash Business School offers flexible learning options in a number of our courses.

Some programs are taught by off-campus learning (OCL). This is a flexible mode of study based on independent learning materials and a learning support system, in which on-campus attendance is either not required, or is kept to a minimum. Each OCL unit has the same content assessment as the equivalent on-campus unit.

Monash Business School also offers you the opportunity to take units outside of a degree program where places are available and cross-institutional study for non-Monash students who wish to study a subject.

Is it possible to study abroad for graduate courses?

You can apply to study overseas providing that you:

  • stay enrolled at Monash
  • receive credit for your overseas study towards your Monash degree
  • continue paying your Monash fees. 

There are also other factors to consider such as the number of credit points that you have completed and your results so far. Read more about study abroad.