As the Asia-Pacific region moves towards an increasingly knowledge-based economy, more people are realising the transformative benefits of higher education. As one of the region's leading providers of business education, we are uniquely placed to fulfil this potential. We offer an advanced business curriculum designed to develop theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and produce distinctive, responsible and sought-after graduates.

A rich academic offering

Our academic programs are distinguished by the breadth of course and business disciplines on offer. The Business School's strategy is to create an innovative, outward-looking curriculum which is supported by first-class learning spaces, blended approaches to delivery and opportunities to develop academic, research and workplace skills.

We equip our students with a passion for their discipline but also with the experience and confidence to operate in a global environment. We teach them to work independently and to develop critical and analytical thinking - skills crucial for future leaders. Our goal is to create graduates who look beyond their discipline to understand the world's problems and to find innovative solutions.

A diverse co-curricular experience

Our broad co-curricular experiences equip students with the understanding and skills required for the global scale of 21st century business. This experience enables students to participate in:

  • international exchange programs that expose students to a diversity of countries and cultures
  • the integration of work and learning through experiential learning and internship units
  • leadership and personal growth opportunities that nurture our students' ambitious spirit

These programs help our high-achieving students foster their leadership and personal capabilities. They develop ethical attitudes and encourage innovative thinking, entrepreneurship, and teamwork skills.