News story 18th Nov 2016

Monash Business School is proud to welcome annual QTEM meeting

Monash Business School is proud to welcome the annual QTEM Dean’s meeting and graduation to Melbourne this week.

The Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management Masters (QTEM) is an international network that brings together outstanding students, academic partners and international corporations.

QTEM Annual Meeting

This week, 16 partners from the QTEM network are joining Professor Colm Kearney, Head of Monash Business School, to discuss the program and to celebrate the graduation ceremony of the QTEM master’s program.

Professor Colm Kearney says Monash Business School is a proud member of the QTEM network of academic partners and international corporations.

“Our business school has, from its earliest days, been associated with an enduring commitment to excellent quantitative and analytical approaches to business and management education, and research that is international in reach and policy-relevant,” Professor Kearney said.

“It is our responsibility to deliver graduates with sound judgement, strong value systems, and a willingness to contribute to the greater good.

“As members of the QTEM network, we understand in a special way that tomorrow’s leaders also need to be superbly trained in the quantitative techniques that will be necessary to deeply analyse and negotiate positive solutions to complex problems.

“This speaks directly to QTEM’s mission and vision – to bring together outstanding students, academic institutions and international corporations to become the leading, globally-recognised network of internationally-minded and quantitatively-trained decision-makers,” Professor Kearney concluded.

The QTEM network annual Dean meeting and graduation ceremony will take place in Melbourne from 18-19 November 2016.

More information on QTEM can be found here.