News story 19th Jun 2015

Banking and finance students’ success acknowledged

The student body's academic excellence was recognised recently at the annual Department of Banking and Finance awards night. 

Head of Department, Professor Christine Brown, praised the award-winning students on their excellent results.

Banking and Finance Student Awards 2015

"The awards night enabled us to acknowledge the achievements of those who have dared to aspire and who have had the commitment to strive to attain those aspirations," Professor Brown said.

"Our high achieving students and graduates have given us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate academic excellence."

"The Department wishes them all the success on their journey ahead and hopes their time at Monash Business School is just the beginning of an exciting and rewarding career."

Professor Brown also thanked the organisations, academics, family and friends who had inspired and supported the students throughout their academic endeavours.

Be bold and take control of your career path

Keynote speaker for the night was the chair of the Department's Advisory Committee and alumnus Michael O'Neill (BEc 1982, DipEd 1983, BEdSt 1989, Grad Dip of Accounting 1992).

Mr O'Neill spoke of the opportunity for every job to be a pathway, not a destination, suggesting that they be bold and have the courage to take control of their career, even if it meant moving on.

He continued by explaining to the students that if they wanted to strive for a career, they should endeavour to extend themselves, emphasising the need to understand the big picture, not just the job at hand.

Mr O'Neill said it was important to be part of the team, to help others and to interact. It was necessary not to get stale, to always look forward and to seek out change.

Banking and Finance Student Awards 2015

Banking and Finance Student Awards 2015