Business School News | 24th Jan 2017
Informal settlement in Jakarta, Indonesia

Monash Business School to participate in global slum revitalisation project

Monash Business School’s Associate Professor David Johnston will lead part of a large multidisciplinary research project that will potentially improve the lives of more than a billion people living in slums worldwide.

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Business School News | 9th Jan 2017
Economics forum

Changing public policy discussion one poll at a time

Attention-grabbing sound bites may appear to dominate election issues across the globe. However, a move to poll top economists on public policy issues is working to kick-start informed discussion.

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20th Dec 2016
Reserve Bank of Australia

Professor appointed to government board

The Turnbull government has issued a media statement announcing the appointment of Professor Deborah Ralston as a part-time member of the Payments System Board (PSB) for a term of five years.

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Business School News | 8th Dec 2016

World-leading econometricians gather in Melbourne

World-leading econometricians will showcase ground-breaking research at the International Conference on Econometrics, at Monash Business School on 8 - 9 December.

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Business School News | 28th Nov 2016
Monash Business School

Vale Dr Stephen Smith

The Monash Business School community acknowledges with gratitude the life and work of Dr Stephen Smith

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Business School News | 24th Nov 2016
Peter FitzRoy thumbnail

Vale Emeritus Professor Peter FitzRoy

We’re deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Emeritus Professor Peter FitzRoy, who passed away on 16 November, aged 80.

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