Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing is committed to providing an inspiring marketing education and co-curricular experience to all of its students.

We equip students with the skills and knowledge to gain a competitive edge in the industry. We also help students build the confidence to operate in a global environment.

Why study marketing?

The impact that marketing decisions have on the net worth of a business cannot be understated. Today's employers expect graduates to analyse, reason and solve problems from multiple perspectives. Completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree in marketing, develops those professional attributes. Employers demand these skills of graduates who aspire to senior executive marketing and management roles early in their career.

Recognising success and achievement

The Department of Marketing celebrates the success of its many excellent students through a range of annual awards.

Global networks

Our international reputation, global partnerships and extensive business networks means that students graduate knowing that their degree is recognised by employers around the world.

Professional recognition

Marketing Career Opportunities

We leverage our industry connections to enhance learning outcomes and employment opportunities for students and graduates. Students can gain exposure to industry through international study programs and work experience as interns or student consultants.

Students interested in these opportunities are invited to register their interest on the relevant page:

  • The internship placement that I did with the Monash Business School was certainly a highlight of my university experience. I met some great people and have gained invaluable professional experience.

    Julia Reed

    Bachelor of Business (Management) and Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

    Julie Reed
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