News story 20th Mar 2017

Delivering Growth: The business challenge

Delivering growth is a challenge for all businesses, especially in times of economic and political uncertainty. So, what strategies do businesses put in place to grow and be competitive?

The Department of Marketing, Monash Business School, hosted the Monash Marketing Business Breakfast "Delivering Growth - The business challenge" with guest presenters Andrew Gardiner and Cath Stone who shared their insights into the thinking and strategies that their respective businesses invest in.

Andrew Gardiner

Andrew Gardiner
Chief of Retail Melbourne Airport and Chief of Launceston Airport

Cath Stone

Cath Stone
Head of Customer Strategy, Jetstar Group

Summary video - Andrew Gardiner

Download Andrew Gardiner's presentation here

Summary video - Cath Stone

Full Length video - Andrew Gardiner

Full Length video - Cath Stone

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