Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing is characterised by energy, purpose and innovation. 

We are one of the largest providers of tertiary-level marketing education in Australia, with more than 40 full-time academic teaching and research staff.

In the latest Federal Government's Excellence in Research for Australia assessment (ERA 2015), Monash University's rating for research in marketing was rated 5, "well above world-standard." 

We are proud of the depth and breadth of industry connections and collaborations we have developed over the years. They not only have direct benefits for students but ensure our research influences marketing practices on a global scale. 

Research strengths

The department has an outstanding record of research, producing many refereed journal publications on an annual basis. 

The Department of Marketing's main research strengths are in: 

We possess world-class expertise in quantitative research methods (choice modelling, marketing models, multivariate methods and survey analysis) as well as in qualitative research methods (content analysis, interpretative methods and visual analysis).

Many of our academic staff hold positions on a number of editorial boards

Our staff and PhD candidates also participate and present at major international marketing conferences, while actively pursuing grants to further their research. 

We have a strong infrastructure supporting our research endeavours, including the purpose-built Monash Business Behavioural Laboratory

Teaching expertise

Marketing continues to be one of the most sought after study areas at the university. We currently teach over 1500 students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs across all Monash University campuses.

We offer a stimulating curriculum and deliver our programs using highly contemporary methodologies. For example, we pioneered the use of flipped classrooms at Monash University and contributed to the introduction of the problem-based learning aspects of undergraduate programs.