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Welcome to the Department of Marketing

Our department is characterised by its energy, purpose and innovation. We are one of the largest providers of tertiary-level marketing education in Australia, with more than 40 full-time academic teaching and research staff.

Excellent teaching

Marketing continues to be one of the most sought after study areas of the university. Every year we welcome over 1500 new students in our undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Students have a variety of study options and are taught by experienced academics and industry professionals. Graduates have successful careers in business and not-for-profit organisations; many of our alumni are highly esteemed and award-winning marketers.

World-class research

Our research deals with important problems in business and the wider society. Our research especially deals with issues relating to advertising, branding and communications, retailing and services, strategy and business-to-business marketing, and social marketing, including health promotion and behavioural change. Our research gets published in the very best international journals, uses the most advanced methods and approaches for consumer and organisational research, and provides cutting-edge insights. We have an outstanding record of research and are considered "well above world-standard", with an ERA (Excellence of Research for Australia) rating of 5.

The following video is an example of research recently undertaken by Dr Carla Ferraro, a senior research fellow with ACRS and senior lecturer in our department.

Australian retailers face a myriad of challenging conditions, including online and multi-channels, as well as the arrival of high-profile international retailers. A glamorous refurbishment is a time-honoured way to catch the attention of those fickle customers.


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