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Business School News | 19.12.2016

Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship


Professor Andrew Jones, from the Centre of Health Economics, has been awarded one of this year’s Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowships on the topic Using new bio social data to explore inequality of opportunity in health.

Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship
Business School News | 24.01.2017
Informal settlement in Jakarta, Indonesia

Monash Business School to participate in global slum revitalisation project

Monash Business School’s Associate Professor David Johnston will lead part of a large multidisciplinary research project that will potentially improve the lives of more than a billion people living in slums worldwide.

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Business School News | 23.06.2016
Duncan Mortimer and Rohan Sweeney

Mollie Holman Medal for Centre for Health Economics researcher

This year's Mollie Holman Doctoral Meal was awarded to the Centre for Health Economics' Dr Rohan Sweeney. Dr Sweeney discusses his research into health SWAps

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Business School News | 09.03.2016
Quality of life

Quality of life: how do you compare?

The fast pace of life leaves many Australians unaware of health and social aspects that may be affecting their quality of life. The Centre for Health Economics has opened its Assessment of Quality of Life (AQoL) measurement tool to the public - how do you compare?

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Business School News | 15.02.2016
CHE 25th Anniversary

CHE 25th anniversary

2015 marked 25 years since the foundation of the Centre for Health Economics (CHE) at Monash. To honour the milestone, the Centre hosted two days of celebrations in November, including a symposium and workshop.

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Business School News | 11.01.2016
Alcohol tax

Fixing the alcohol tax system could reduce harms

A Monash Business Study has found that increasing the cost of the cheapest alcohol could reduce an individual's consumption by as many as 11.5 standard drinks a week for low-income wine consumers.

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Business School News | 12.11.2015
25 years

CHE 25th Anniversary Symposium

The Centre for Health Economics (CHE) is celebrating 25 years at Monash. To mark this auspicious occasion, and to celebrate the career of its founding director Professor Jeff Richardson (Director from 1990-2001), the Centre is hosting a symposium and workshop on 17 and 18 November.

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