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15th Feb 2017
Failing returns: why hedge funds are not value for money

Failing returns: why hedge funds are not value for money

Evidence continues to mount that the trend among Australian superannuation fund managers to try to maximise investment returns through the use of hedge funds that utilise 'active' strategies, has not paid off.

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27th Jan 2017
Natural disasters

Understanding the long-term costs of natural disasters

Just how long does it take a community to get back on its feet following a natural disaster? And how much do we really know about the long-term effects on people’s living standards, job prospects, educational outcomes and health?

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20th Jan 2017
Company innovation

Four ways companies can remain competitive

Need to offer more innovative services? Research by Associate Professor Herman Tse discusses how companies can do it.

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17th Jan 2017
bilateral trade agreement

Brexit, Trump and the TPP mean Australia should pursue more bilateral trade agreements

Brexit, Trump’s protectionist agenda and the debacle of getting everyone to ratify the unpopular Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are all a global trend towards bilateral trade agreements.

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16th Jan 2017
2016 Australian Open

The 'secret weapon' Andy Murray unleashed during the 2016 Australian Open

A team of five Monash Business School students analysed Hawk Eye trajectory data used by the Open to determine the distinctive characteristics of the players’ serves.

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13th Jan 2017

Why wicked problems are great opportunities for innovation

Professor Richard Hall discusses why the wicked problems facing business (and the world) today are great opportunities for innovation.

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