Business Insight 15th Dec 2016

An evening with economist Professor Thomas Piketty

French economist Professor Thomas Piketty visited Australia as a guest of Monash Business School on 28 October to discuss insights from his best-selling book 'Capital in the 21st Century'.

Professor Colm Kearney in conversation with Professor Thomas Piketty

Monash Business School presents: Professor Piketty on 'Capital and inequality in the 21st Century'

Our experts discuss inequality

In light of Professor Piketty's guest lecture, we asked some of our experts to explore the topic of inequality.

Income inequality

Testing Piketty's Third Law
Professor Jakob Madsen analyses Piketty's argument that rising income inequality amid western economies will continue throughout the 21st Century.
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Indian economy

Poverty and growth in India
Associate Professor Gaurav Datt explores how India is redefining the relationship between economic growth and poverty reduction.
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The Kuznets Curve
Professor Sisira Jayasuriya explains the importance of the Kuznets Curve and Piketty's assertion that it is "dead".
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    Professor Thomas Piketty

    Paris School of Economics

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