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19th Apr 2017
Dimitra Manis

Dimitra Manis returns to campus to talk about leadership

Monash Business School alumna Dimitra Manis recently returned from the Big Apple for a visit to campus, where she talked to our MBA students about being a leader.

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10th Apr 2017

Three charts on mortgage stress: it isn’t as bad as you might think

The current debate about housing muddles two separate issues: the affordability of housing, and the risk in the banking system of any significant fall in house prices.

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5th Apr 2017

How adapting to a new country is all about attitude

For students studying overseas and feeling homesick it turns out it isn’t the time spent in your new country that will change how you feel, it’s your attitude. New Monash Business School research investigates how foreign students use the media and adapt to life at Chinese universities.

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27th Mar 2017
The Process of Reform and Implications for Taxation of Petroleum Resources Today

Why 1987 Petroleum Resource Rent Tax is still relevant today

Dr Diane Kraal was given access to the private papers of Dr Craig Emerson, a ministerial economic advisor in the 1980s petroleum tax reform period provided compelling insights into the reform process that led to the petroleum resource rent tax.

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27th Mar 2017
President Donald Trump

Rising imports make the case for Trump’s border adjustment tax in Australia

Australia currently has a trade deficit, where what we import outweighs what we export. Amid the ongoing debate on the benefits of globalised trade and jobs, a Trump style border adjustment tax could be one solution.

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16th Mar 2017
Australian currency notes

Banks have diversified, but failure risk has risen - why?

New Monash Business School analysis into what drives bank risk in Australia, argues the strategy to become a "one-stop shop" has left Australian banks more exposed.

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