Department of Banking and Finance

Executive staff

Professor Christine Brown
Head, Banking and Finance

Professor Philip Gray
Deputy Head, Banking and Finance

Academic staff

Name Role(s) Campus
BATTEN, Jonathan Professor Caulfield
BROWN, Christine Professor
Head, Banking and Finance
BROWN, Stephen Professor Caulfield
CLARK, Gordon Professor
Sir Louis Matheson Distinguished Visiting Professor 
DAVIS, Kevin Professor
Research Director, Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS)
GRAY, Philip Professor
Deputy Head, Banking and Finance  
IN, Francis Professor Clayton
RALSTON, Deborah Professor Caulfield
RHEE, Ghon Professor Caulfield
SKULLY, Michael Professor
Course Coordinator, Master of Banking and Finance
VELD, Chris Professor Caulfield
HUTSON, Elaine Associate Professor
Director of Research, Banking and Finance 
LAJBCYGIER, Paul Associate Professor Clayton
TANT, Kevin Associate Professor Caulfield
VELD-MERKOULOVA, Yulia Associate Professor
Director of Equity, Diversity and Social Inclusion,
Monash Business School
WILLIAMS, Barry Associate Professor Caulfield
HUE HWA, Au Yong Senior Lecturer Caulfield
BISSOONDOYAL-BHEENICK, Banita Senior Lecturer Caulfield
BROWN, Kym Senior Lecturer Caulfield
CHAI, Daniel Senior Lecturer
Finance Discipline Coordinator, Bachelor of Commerce
CONTESSI, Silvio Senior Lecturer Caulfield
DO, Binh Senior Lecturer Caulfield
DO, Viet Senior Lecturer Caulfield
DUONG, Huu Senior Lecturer
Banking and Finance Discipline Coordinator, Bachelor of Business
FENECH, Jean-Pierre Senior Lecturer
Course Director, Master of Applied Finance
GHARGHORI, Philip Senior Lecturer Clayton
GUNASEKARAGE, Abey Senior Lecturer Berwick
PERERA, Shrimal Senior Lecturer Caulfield
SHAFIK, Salwa Senior Lecturer Caulfield
SHAHRIAR, Abu Zafar Senior Lecturer Caulfield
VAZ, John Senior Lecturer
Director of Education, Banking and Finance
WATSON, John Senior Lecturer Caulfield
WICKRAMANAYAKE, J. Senior Lecturer Caulfield
ZHU, Zhongyan Senior Lecturer Caulfield
AN, Zhe Lecturer Caulfield
CAO, Viet Lecturer Caulfield
CHAMBERS, Barbara Lecturer Caulfield
EDIRISURIYA, Piyadasa Lecturer Caulfield
GE, Li Lecturer Caulfield
HUYNH, Thanh Lecturer Caulfield
LIMKRIANGKRAI, Manapon Lecturer Clayton
MURGULOV, Zoltan Lecturer Caulfield
NGUYEN, Hannah Lecturer Caulfield
PALIT, Imon Lecturer Caulfield
VU, Tram Lecturer Caulfield
XIA, Ying Lecturer Caulfield
CHOO, Jason Assistant Lecturer Caulfield
SCALLY, Amale Assistant Lecturer Caulfield
AZIZOGLU, Orhan Scholarly Teaching Fellow Caulfield
NGUYEN, Amanda Scholarly Teaching Fellow Caulfield
YAP, Simon Scholarly Teaching Fellow Caulfield
FENG, Jimmy Research Fellow Caulfield
RITTER, Anne Research Assistant - Database Manager Caulfield

Industry fellows

Name Role(s)
CUSACK, Tony Industry Fellow
FLAHERTY, John Industry Fellow
FOSTER, Richard Industry Fellow
GALGANO, Nino Industry Fellow
McNABB, Fiona Industry Fellow
MUTHUSWAMY, Gujji Industry Fellow
O'NEILL, Michael Industry Fellow
ROBINSON, David Industry Fellow

Professional staff

Name Role(s)
BEART, Judith Senior Administration Officer, Research
CONSTANTAS, Krista Administration Assistant
CONYERS, Emma Department Manager
MOORE, Diane Senior Administration Officer, Education
MORDECH, Debra Marketing and Public Relations Manager
THALMEIER, Connie Administration Officer, Resources

Malaysia staff

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South Africa staff

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