Department of Banking and Finance

The Department of Banking and Finance is a leader in the advancement of knowledge in banking and finance across the world. 

We undertake high quality research, teaching and learning. We also acknowledge our role and apply serious endeavour to the preparation of future business leaders, banking and finance professionals and academics.

The Department of Banking and Finance has its roots in the David Syme Business School of Banking and Finance, which was established in 1974.

Advanced research

The Department has a vibrant research culture and an outstanding record of quality publications in quality international journals.
Research areas in the Department of Banking and Finance include:
  • asset pricing
  • banking
  • corporate finance
  • behavioural finance
  • superannuation and funds management.

Our research is supported by a robust infrastructure.

We subscribe to all major international and national financial databases (including WRDS). The Department is a full member of SIRCA, a leading provider of financial data and research support to over 200 universities world-wide. Empirical research is strongly supported with a database manager and a full range of statistical analysis software. 
Our resources include a simulated teaching and research laboratory (STARLab) and behavioral research laboratory. 

Comprehensive teaching program

The Department of Banking and Finance has 45 full-time academic staff who contribute to:
  • undergraduate and postgraduate degree course offerings
  • our highly regarded honours and higher research degree programs.

 A new PhD program has been developed, where the first year is spent undertaking coursework which focuses on core PhD level units as well as advanced training in econometrics and economics. This program is unique amongst PhD courses in Australia and is designed for prospective PhD students wanting rigorous training in empirical finance.

Strategic collaborations

The Department of Banking and Finance enjoys a rich set of professional and research-based collaborations with key individuals, networks and organisations across the world.
We organise and sponsor major global finances conferences and workshops.
We have strong links with the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA) and CFA Institute, with professional accreditation options available to our students.