Louise Christine commenced the Monash MBA with a desire to transition into to a new career. As a corporate specialist she wanted to move to a more "big picture" role and Monash MBA has allowed her to do just that. 'The Monash MBA program provided me with significant breadth of knowledge and introduced me to a network of driven individuals who continue to challenge my thoughts and ideals. 

As part of the Monash MBA program Louise participated in the Experiential Project, a group project that students complete in a corporate, community or not-for-profit sector. The project allowed her to solve a real-business problem and report back to the senior management team of the company.  Louise's project was undertaken at NostraData, a Pharma-Centric data house, specialising in providing business intelligence, rapid mobile data  

Louise has achieved her professional goal and has been able to secure a position a Strategic Insight Manager at NostraData while finishing her MBA. 'My current role is within a boutique start-up – it's exciting, diverse, and I'm often out of my comfort zone, but my MBA learnings and network provide me with the strength and support to deal with whatever comes my way' she says.

Louise, is the recipient of 2013 Dean's Student Awards for the outstanding academic achievement  and  completed her Monash MBA in 2013.