Kim Dienhoff

Kim Dienhoff

Kim Dienhoff

  • Degree type: MBA
  • Degree: Monash MBA
  • Current position: Manager, External Affairs, IDP Education Pty Ltd

What led you to study an MBA?

I have had a very diversified career, with a broad background and different experiences. I worked in radiation oncology starting at a base grade and working my way up to be a department manager, specialising in research into Brachytherapy methods and radiobiological dose equivalents.

I moved to Kodak where I worked across sales, applications consulting, services and marketing where I managed teams of up to 90 people across many countries. I was expatriated to China for two years where I helped to set up a technology and innovation centre for the company.  When Kodak sold their healthcare business I joined Carestream Health where I managed the healthcare information systems business across APAC. 

I wanted to move away from the cut and thrust of the stock market-driven world of managing a software business for an American-listed company, to have more time in Melbourne, and to preferably change industries, so I decided to take a break and complete my MBA.

 Why did you choose the Monash MBA program?

The Monash MBA program just made more sense than other programs in the market, and seemed better connected to the real world as it used the case methodology. I also liked the fact that people coming into the course had to have management experience, which  means you learn as much from your fellow students' experience, as you do from your lecturers.

How do you think postgraduate study has helped you achieve your career goals?

Given that I already had an extensive and varied background, what the MBA provided was a credential which is well understood in the business world and helps to signal my value to an organisation. It helps to tick the boxes with employers who may have been concerned about my capability to change industries.

Since completing my MBA at Monash Business School I have now changed industries and work in the international education sector, where I manage the external affairs group for IDP Education which includes marketing, events, media, political engagement, market research and stakeholder relations.

What was the most rewarding aspect of your Monash MBA?

I really enjoyed some of the additional professional development elements of the course, such as Cranlana and the media training. These are the kinds of thing that are hard to get time to do when you are working, so it was great to have the chance to do those while I was studying. I think the other rewarding aspect of the experience has been developing my 'business language' and updating my skills for the 21st century.

What networking opportunities have your studies provided you with? Have you been able to use these new connections in your professional or personal life?

The course provides many networking opportunities both on campus and off campus. I have drawn upon these friendships and professional connections in many areas of my work since I completed the course.

What were the most important outcomes of studying your course and what specific skills and knowledge has the Monash MBA equipped you with?

The network that I developed as part of the MBA has provided good support and has been directly influential in pointing me in the direction towards my current job.