Monash has such a great reputation, especially the Monash Business School.

Past student testimonials were important information for me to consider when deciding to study the Bachelor of Commerce. After researching the course I decided that the Bachelor of Commerce would be the best route for me, even though I had initially planned on studying health sciences. I chose the Monash for its reputation, broad-reaching potential career paths, and prestige as a University

I am a Commerce advocate because of how relevant the course is.

The Bachelor of Commerce is very relevant to a broad range of jobs and careers. I also found the variety of subjects very appealing. When I applied I was not determined on which area I wanted to major in. Monash enabled me to experience different disciplines giving me decent exposure to more than one area before deciding about my career path.

I knew, going into the Bachelor of Commerce that I would study Management or Marketing.

I am much more of a "soft skills" person and would not have thrived at more technical streams. Being able to major in both these areas gave me even greater flexibility when applying for graduate jobs.

At Monash I was getting some fantastic real-world experience.

The capstone units in each major were my particular favourites in my course as I felt that I was getting some fantastic real-world experience and was so challenged by them. They are also incredibly useful now, in my career. I was initially concerned early in the course that much of what we were learning was theoretical, but the final year units really pulled the whole course together.

I enjoyed the challenge.

My favourite thing about being a student at Monash was the satisfaction when I completed such a challenging course. I felt very rewarded each time I pushed myself so hard each semester to achieve even greater results. I felt that the level of challenge I received from each of my subjects was very appropriate and really helped set me up to be an excellent quality graduate.

My advice? Work hard.

It is so satisfying to complete all your subjects and receive great marks for them when you know that they were so challenging. The reward is so much sweeter when you know you have put your all into it. Make sure you check your subjects with a course advisor to ensure you're completing the right units to achieve what you want and when you want it.