After graduating my Bachelor's degree in commerce, I began working for one of the 'Big 4' banks in various roles, including investment and tax accounting and operational risk analysis.

When starting the Master of Business Law, I had anticipated that at its completion I would be best qualified to work for a regulator such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission or Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority. However, I now realise that knowledge of business law is important for all areas of business and as such, sets graduates up well for a wide variety of roles.

Business law focuses on the legal aspects of conducting business in Australia and internationally. It is not a legal qualification, but it teaches you how to determine when to call the lawyers in, and how to avoid the regulators being called in by inadvertantly breaching legal obligations through a lack of understanding.

The Master of Business Law gives students a thorough understanding of areas such as; corporation law, intellectual property law, marketing law, international trade law and international law and policy. This gives graduates an ability to effectively negotiate these complex areas of business and make properly educated business decisions.

I feel that my postgraduate experience heavily assisted my career development, as it aided my transition into my chosen career. The opportunity to write a complete academic research article was the greatest benefit as it gave me the chance to do self-directed comprehensive research into a topic of my choosing. Studying my course allowed me to demonstrate that business law was an area in which I had a legitimate interest and capability. This assisted in facilitating a career change to an area in which I had limited work experience.

A Monash postgraduate degree in my field of work demonstrates a strong ability to learn, an aptitude for the subject matter and a genuine interest in a highly regarded area. The time management skills taught and the knowledge imparted during the course is also regarded favourably by employers.

 My current role allows me to work on some of the largest and most interesting projects being undertaken in Australia. It gives me the opportunity to utilise and build on the skills and knowledge gained throughout my studies. I am also proud of the fact I am working to equip and sustain the Australian Defence Force in the most efficient and effective manner.

I would encourage other people similarly to assess where they would like to go rather than just where they are heading. Students should select a course that will complement their career ambitions and take a genuine interest in what they are learning. Your studies will provide you with opportunities to mix with students with similar career aspirations from varying backgrounds, as well as industry professionals.