As an undergraduate student of economics, I was interested in the mathematical models behind all the theory.

The Master of Applied Econometrics offered me the chance to expand my knowledge of statistical modelling, teaching me to apply these skills to a wide range of practical problems. The course also develops your analytical skills, equipping you with the tools required to effectively analyse and draw insights from the data.

It is quite rare to find a master's qualification focused exclusively on econometrics, which is what attracted me to  Monash Business School and this course. Monash is one of the few business school's with a whole department dedicated to econometrics and business statistics. What also appealed to me most about this course was that it presented the opportunity to undertake a research project in an area that interested me.

During my master's, I developed confidence in my capabilities as my skills developed and I was able to apply these skills to an increasingly wide range of problems. My postgraduate experience equipped me with the competences needed to tackle more complex problems. In research analytics, there is often no pre-prescribed solution to a problem, and having a firm foundation in analytical theory has been essential in providing me with the flexibility to come up with the best solutions.

My newly-developed confidence and skillset enabled me to present seminars on data analysis and forecasting for a major accounting body, and targeted at business professionals that were attending congresses. The opportunity to work with people from a range of business backgrounds is something I highly value, and it is exciting to see how the same set of fundamental skills can be applied in such diverse settings.

My postgraduate studies have opened up fields that I was previously unaware of. Prior to beginning my master's, the possibility of a research career in a corporate setting had never occurred to me. With so many graduates in the market looking for work, having a postgraduate qualification from Monash Business School really helps you to stand out from the competition. Because statistics skills are in such short supply, degrees in econometrics really appeal to prospective employers.