Accounting Peer-to-Peer learning (P2P) program

P2P is a voluntary program designed to help you understand and work through subject units that are difficult. It is offered to undergraduate Accounting students enrolled in the following units: ACC1100, ACF1100, ACC2100 and ACF2100.

The P2P sessions are led by P2P leaders - Monash University students who have achieved high marks in both the subject unit and throughout their course. Because P2P leaders have studied the subject unit themselves, they are familiar with the particular concepts that present difficulties, and  can help you to understand them.

P2P leaders offer regularly scheduled, weekly study sessions which are held on campus. These sessions provide you with guaranteed, effective study time; as each session sees you meet with your classmates and P2P leader to work on course material.

During a typical P2P session, along with other students, you will compare and clarify lecture notes, review textbook readings, and discuss key course concepts. P2P sessions also give you an opportunity to complete your assigned study tasks while developing skills specific to the course.

P2P usually starts in week three and finishes in week twelve of semester, and all students enrolled in the target units are welcome to attend.

P2P leaders all undertake P2P training with Monash University staff to equip them with specialist mentoring and leadership skills for the program.