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We have a five-star rating in Accounting, Econometrics and Marketing from ERA


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Business Insights

11th January 2017
The Contagion Effect: how bribery and corruption spreads

Bribery is a stubborn scourge in many countries that undermines economies and promulgates inequality, but is bribery “contagious”?

20th December 2016
Market volatility, high frequency trading and the ‘Hound of Hounslow’

In 2010, a new phrase entered the public lexicon: “flash crash”. On May 6, major futures indices plunged 6% in a matter of minutes, only to rebound almost as quickly. What had happened?

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Monash Business School has more than 84,000 alumni spanning 113 countries. They represent the viewpoints, languages, careers and cultures of a truly global alumni network. Amongst our alumni sit prominent and influential professionals in virtually all industries within Australia and across the globe. Join our alumni network today, or reconnect to take advantage of the opportunities available to you as a business school alum.

Studying at Monash Business School has provided me the opportunity to develop my skills and strengthen my professional network.

Mitchell Alexander

Master of Marketing alumnus

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A global focus

Professor Edward Buckingham Director, Engagement

Professor Edward Buckingham

Director, Engagement
The Australian workforce is often labelled as unready to do business in Asia as it doesn’t have language skills. This is where expat communities can make a contribution. To get Australia more equipped in these markets we need to be more proactive in terms of getting our young people to Asia early on for life experiences.

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Kishan Sarook Alumnus – QA Officer, Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication

Kishan Sarook

Alumnus – QA Officer, Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication
Australians are great innovators, but we currently lack a great track record of turning our scientific and technological inventions into commercial successes. I was really interested in this conversion, and it formed the cornerstone of my decision to pursue postgraduate study with Monash Business School.

I was looking for a course that was innovative, unique and rewarding. The Master of Business (Science and Technology) helped me accumulate a great understanding of the science and business worlds by providing a unique set of skills in a growing field. This exposure to industry and the networks I have developed through the Monash Business School have been a terrific launch pad for my career progression. I now have an edge when it comes to commercializing innovative technologies, enabling me to help create a real impact in the industry and our future.

Ray Doyle Alumnus – General Manager, AmCham

Ray Doyle

Alumnus – General Manager, AmCham
As a general manager, your day to day work is quite varied and complex. I’m always thinking about what we’re doing, how we can do it better and where we’re going next. On any given day, my job brings me into contact with people at all levels, from senior government ministers and CEOs of multinational corporations to the US Ambassador to Australia.

I need to be able to walk into any room with the confidence to take control and direct the conversation. Most business problems are multi-dimensional, so I constantly draw on the expertise I developed during my MBA studies. It has given me the tools I need to operate in a responsive way, and a holistic perspective on business development.

Janet Weston Student – MBA Program

Janet Weston

Student – MBA Program Associate Director, Portfolio and Transaction Management, Colliers International
One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is the ability to operate in a global context. To be a successful multinational organisation, you need people who understand the nature of cross-cultural communication and who are prepared for the complexities of international operations and logistics.

Monash Business School's MBA program provides a great learning environment for those looking for that global experience. There is great diversity of nationalities within the student cohort and a strong focus on developing global networks. One of the best aspects of the program is the international study tour. As part of my program we travelled through Europe, gaining a broader perspective of the cultural and logistical conditions of companies operating in multiple countries. It has given me a much better understanding of what is involved in international business development, and the confidence to apply my knowledge in my role.

Professor Richard Hall Deputy Dean, Leadership and Executive Education

Professor Richard Hall

Deputy Dean, Leadership and Executive Education
Next-generation problems are the result of some of the meta-trends that we are witnessing - globalisation, urbanisation and digitisation - and often present as 'wicked problems' to which there is no known, ready-made solution. Ultimately the future will belong to businesses and organisations that are agile, resilient and innately innovative - ones that thrive in the ‘VUCA’ world - volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

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Kate Morris Alumnus – Founder of Adore Beauty

Kate Morris

Alumnus – Founder of Adore Beauty
As an entrepreneur and a business founder, you wear many hats. I’ve had to transition from being the founder; that person who is across the day-to day operations and does a bit of everything, to being the CEO, focused on steering a multimillion dollar company into another 15 years of growth and success.

I launched Adore Beauty from my garage when I was still an undergraduate student at Monash Business School, and it was an important foundation that framed my perspectives and helped structure my thinking. Now the business is in a new phase, I'm focused on innovation and renewal strategies to ensure we remain relevant but true to our original purpose. It's an exciting time to be a digital entrepreneur, but you have to find the 'courage to fail'. It's one of the company's core values – knowing that success comes in your willingness to take a chance.

Anthony Palmer Member – Global Advisory Council

Anthony Palmer

Member – Global Advisory Council President of Global Brands & Innovation
It’s essential that business schools operate in an international context and have a global focus. Multinational companies need people who can drive innovation and create strategies that are effective at a local and international level.

We need people who can adapt to and thrive in changing environments, and integrate global perspectives into their approach to business. I always look for people who have that attitude and think about how they can contribute to a company's performance worldwide. It's a way of thinking; a business attitude that you need to develop from day one.

Sandra Vega Student – MBA Program

Sandra Vega

Student – MBA Program
Diversity is a business priority that fosters a climate of productivity and improves organisational performance. It is a set of principles and priorities that supports inclusiveness, equity, fairness, and respect.

I moved to Melbourne to undertake my MBA because I wanted to study with an organisation that shared these values. I knew that immersing myself in a totally different culture and working with classmates from all parts of the world would expose me to different ideas, approaches, and perspectives that I could harness in my career. Studying at Monash Business School has made me a better manager and leader. Flexible, innovative, and creative thinking has become everyday practice. And in turn, I've been able to cultivate an atmosphere of collaboration and diversity of ideas in my workplace, and inspire innovative strategy and growth in business.

Tutsirai Sakutukwa Student – PhD in Economics

Tutsirai Sakutukwa

Student – PhD in Economics
I first encountered economics in high school and fell in love with it. I went on to do my bachelor’s degree and my MSc. I was granted a Fullbright scholarship, which has seen me through my MA in Economics and now my PhD.

I chose to pursue my PhD at Monash Business School because it is an institution whose values align with my own. I want to work on research that has a positive impact on society. I want my work to make a difference. My current research looks at linking financial economics factors with the macro-economy. My aim is to develop instruments that will be able to forecast output/income, unemployment, trade and inflation with minimal errors. This will help governments and industry to take appropriate action to reduce the negative impact of any shock to economic objectives such as health provision, electricity supply or water supply.

Nasrin Hallak Student – Bachelor of Business

Nasrin Hallak

Student – Bachelor of Business
I have always found the business world fascinating, so I was thrilled to be accepted into the Monash Business School internship program. It was an opportunity for me to get a sense of what professional life would be like out in the ‘real world’.

I completed my placement at the accounting firm Assured Accounting Solutions, which specialises in tax services. During my internship, I was exposed to the tasks I would be completing if I worked as a tax accountant, which gave me the confidence and assurance that I'd chosen the right career path. I'm now even more certain that this is the field I want to pursue after I graduate. The experience I've gained also acts as a head start for me in my career, as I will enter my first full-time job with all the expertise I need as an accountant.