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We have a five-star rating in Accounting, Econometrics and Marketing from ERA


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Business Insights

17th January 2017
Brexit, Trump and the TPP mean Australia should pursue more bilateral trade agreements

Brexit, Trump’s protectionist agenda and the debacle of getting everyone to ratify the unpopular Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are all a global trend towards bilateral trade agreements.

16th January 2017
The 'secret weapon' Andy Murray unleashed during the 2016 Australian Open

A team of five Monash Business School students analysed Hawk Eye trajectory data used by the Open to determine the distinctive characteristics of the players’ serves.

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Studying at Monash Business School has provided me the opportunity to develop my skills and strengthen my professional network.

Mitchell Alexander

Master of Marketing alumnus

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A global focus

Professor Edward Buckingham Director, Engagement

Professor Edward Buckingham

Director, Engagement
The Australian workforce is often labelled as unready to do business in Asia as it doesn’t have language skills. This is where expat communities can make a contribution. To get Australia more equipped in these markets we need to be more proactive in terms of getting our young people to Asia early on for life experiences.

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Glenn Pardede Alumnus - President Director of PT East West Seed Indonesia

Glenn Pardede

Alumnus - President Director of PT East West Seed Indonesia
My MBA taught me how to manage a company from end to end. In general, I know the ‘what, how, and why’ of every function within the company and that knowledge has helped me develop my career from civil engineer, to a logistics manager in the chemical manufacturing sector, plant/operations manager in a textile manufacturing environment, and sales and marketing director in an agribusiness company. I am now CEO of the President Director of PT East West Seed Indonesia.

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Ray Doyle Alumnus – General Manager, AmCham

Ray Doyle

Alumnus – General Manager, AmCham
As a general manager, your day to day work is quite varied and complex. I’m always thinking about what we’re doing, how we can do it better and where we’re going next. On any given day, my job brings me into contact with people at all levels, from senior government ministers and CEOs of multinational corporations to the US Ambassador to Australia.

I need to be able to walk into any room with the confidence to take control and direct the conversation. Most business problems are multi-dimensional, so I constantly draw on the expertise I developed during my MBA studies. It has given me the tools I need to operate in a responsive way, and a holistic perspective on business development.

Janet Weston Student – MBA Program

Janet Weston

Student – MBA Program Associate Director, Portfolio and Transaction Management, Colliers International
One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is the ability to operate in a global context. To be a successful multinational organisation, you need people who understand the nature of cross-cultural communication and who are prepared for the complexities of international operations and logistics.

Monash Business School's MBA program provides a great learning environment for those looking for that global experience. There is great diversity of nationalities within the student cohort and a strong focus on developing global networks. One of the best aspects of the program is the international study tour. As part of my program we travelled through Europe, gaining a broader perspective of the cultural and logistical conditions of companies operating in multiple countries. It has given me a much better understanding of what is involved in international business development, and the confidence to apply my knowledge in my role.

Professor Richard Hall Deputy Dean, Leadership and Executive Education

Professor Richard Hall

Deputy Dean, Leadership and Executive Education
Next-generation problems are the result of some of the meta-trends that we are witnessing - globalisation, urbanisation and digitisation - and often present as 'wicked problems' to which there is no known, ready-made solution. Ultimately the future will belong to businesses and organisations that are agile, resilient and innately innovative - ones that thrive in the ‘VUCA’ world - volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

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